About Xenum

Xenum is a second-layer, all-in-one platform for blockchain collectibles. Trade digital goods without any on-chain gas costs, instantaneously. That means no gas costs on Ethereum, or any blockchain. Currently, we are in alpha with the Ethereum network. Other blockchains will be added soon.

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For Games

Xenum offers developers a way to connect their games to the blockchain for zero setup cost, with our drop-in APIs. We’re focused on making blockchain technology gamer-friendly. That means there’s no wallet or cryptocurrency requirements for new players.


For Communities and Influencers

Xenum allows anyone to create their own platform (coming soon) and FTs! Create FTs for your community, or personal brand in just a few clicks! After you create your FTs, sell or send them using the Xenum marketplace seamlessly for the best user experience on blockchain.

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We take 5% of every sale, 7.5% of every money withdraw, and charge a $1.50 fee on every item moved to the blockchain, in order to cover gas costs.


Xenum is in early stage developement and our team is eager for your input. Please let us know if you have any bugs, suggestions, or feedback!

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